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Activity of Pronoun


Pronouns are used instead of nouns to avoid its repetitions. Some of the most common Pronouns are - he, she, you, they, it, etc. There are seven types of Pronoun. personal pronouns have two cases, subject and object. Subject pronouns are used in subject position. Object pronouns are used for the object of a verb or preposition Following are some examples of pronouns.We were teasing each other..Sheela arrived yesterday. I met her at the station.Using words in the neighbouring boxes try to make as many meaningful sentences as you can Example – 1 They jumped down.2. Has she solved puzzles?3. You can do it.Write down some sentences you make. 1. Will he sing softly? 2. We have tried hard. 3. Does she wake up? 4. He had tried hard. 5. Does she read books? 6. They have books. 7. I will do