Are you ‘DIY’ kid

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to learn how self-dependent you are. children when you very young, your parents or other grown-ups did everything for you. They fed you, washed you, dressed you and took you around. But things must have changed by now, because now you are nearly 11 years old. So you must do certain things yourself to become a ‘Do It yourself’ ‘DIY-kid’. Here is a list of some things that an 11 years old child should be able to do. Never mind if you can’t do some of these things yet! There’s a whole year for you to learn these things. You will enjoy them. So let’s begin our count. I know you can do it too. But do you do it? Or you still depend on your mother?Children tell me how you will TAKE CARE OF YOUR PERSONAL HYGIENE? • I trim my nails regularly. • I take a wash on my own. A proper wash. I remember to wash behind my ears, under arms, elbows, knees, etc and I use enough water, not more. Not less. • I can oil and comb my hair on my own. • I can wash and dry my hair on my own. • I can wash my hands before eating or drinking. I can use my hanky and napkins for cleaning. • I can clean and wash my tiffin after finishing my food.