Are you ‘DIY’ kid



CAN YOU DRESS UP FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION ON YOUR OWN? • When I was in std II my father helped me. But now I can dress up my own even for a special occasion.• I keep my special dress separately.• I can use wonderful clothes for special occasion.• I like to dress up neatly for myself.YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SEW. • I can thread a needle.• I put a knot in the thread when I string flowers or beads in it.• I can make these stitches-running and back stick. I can also hem the border.• I can sew up a tear in my clothes. I can even sew a button. There is a stitch called button hole stitch.• Once I made a handkerchief by sewing the edges of a square piece of cloth.• I can sew the belt of my school bag.• I can sew a handbag for my project.• I can help my granny to thread the needle for sewing.