Minnie and Winnie (A lullaby)

Explain 3rd Stanza


2 Now we will proceed to the third stanza.Sleep little ladies wake not soon Echo on echo, Dies to the moon.Here the poet tells them to sleep without getting disturbed by anything not even by the sound that travels far away right up to the moon and slowly gets fainted as they travel.Coming to the fourth stanza.Two bright stars, Peep’d into the shell.What are they dreaming of? Who can tell?Here the poet says that two bright stars are peeping inside the shell to see what Minnie and Winnie are doing but they can’t guess what they are dreaming about.And in the fifth stanza goes like this.Started a green linnet, Out of the croft.Wake little ladies, The sun is aloft As the sun has arrived in the sky and the day has began, green linnets are seen flying from the small farm towards the sky. The poet tells Minnie and Winnie to wake up.Good, In the poem the poet has used commanding sentences and simple statements.