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Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to learn interesting news items from different places and news papers. Rio de Janerio. Tuesday 8 March 2016 : This is interesting story of Brazilian man Joao Pereira de souza who lives in proveta and Magellanic penguin and their friendship. This Penguin is called Dindim. Joao Pereira saved dindim and Dindim stayed with him for 11 months. When Dindim got new feathers he suddenly disappeared. He left Joao’s home. But after some days he returned to his friend. For last five years Dimdim is following this routine. Every year Dindim makes the trip to south and swims back home to stay with Joao again In Brazil, it is not allowed to keep wild animals as pet. But in this case the penguin chooses to stay with his human friend.Children, remember one thing, only those things become news which are special.