Fantastic shop

Introduction and Explanation story part 1


We can see various kinds of shops in market. But today we are going to learn about many interesting shops which we can’t see in reality. They are imaginative shops so they are called fantastic shops. Owner of shop is 1 Saras sasa, shop no. 2 is Jamie Jellyfish, and the owner of shop 3 is Guna aaji. Children today we will do an interesting activity. Try to make list of the goods displayed in each shop. Add a few more suitable goods to each shop.Who will tell me the list of goods displayed in 24 carrot shop. Teacher I will. - carrot Halwa, carrot pudding, carrot buns, diced carrot, sliced carrot, carrot juice & some more goods are:- carrot paratha, carrot sabji, carrot biryani, carrot sandwitch, carrot ice-cream, carrot gulabjamoon. Good answers children!