There’s hole in the bucket

Activity with the help of chart


Children now we will make a flowchart to understand the main points of story. Now we will learn some important points about counting and Measuring .1) Counting – we can count things like holes, axes, stones etc. So they have plural forms. e.g. axe – axes, stone – stones. But we cannot count materials like water, milk, or grass. Therefore usually, we do not say waters, milks or grasses.2) Measuring – We measure materials like water, milk, sugar & say ‘a bucket of water’, ‘a cup of milk’, ’a spoon of sugar’, etc. We can also say ‘two liters of oil’, ’half a liter of milk’, ‘one kilo of sugar’, etc.We also say ‘piece of cloth’, ‘slice of cake’, ‘a loaf of bread’ rather clothes, cakes or breads. So always think what to count and what to measure.Good answers children