Explanation story part 2


For months and years. Molai worked all alone on the small patch of the island. He lived in the company of trees. He spoke to them. Maybe the trees understood his language. They responded by growing vigorously.Yes, that’s true. Nature and animals helped Molai in his work. With trees came birds, insects and animals. Unknowingly, they brought many more seeds to the place. The place began to get rich with different forms of life. The forest now became a second home for him. People in that area named it Molai’s Kathoni- Molais forest.Molai now wants to spend his message throughout the country. Each one of us should plant and grow at least two trees. The trees will take care of the carbon dioxide we produce throughout our life and give us enough oxygen to breathe. we get the message that nothing is impossible if we do any work with dedication. We can be successful like molai.