Children please read the lesson and find out all difficult words. I will tell you their meanings. 1. Terrible means : extremely bad or serious.2. Ashore means : on the shore.3. Scalding means : very hot, burning.4. Horrified means filled with horror.5. Wept means cried.6. Toiled means worked hard.7. Barren means unproductive.8. Advised means offered suggestion.9. Sapling means a young tree with a slender trunk.10. Delight means pleased.Now I will ask you some questions you have to answer them. You will have to tell me where you found the anwswers. 1. What terrible sight did young Molai see? Ans :- Young Molai saw on one of the Sandbars, thousands of Snakes laying dead.This answer is in the second paragraph of the lesson.Very good children