children now I will give you some topics from the lesson. You have to speak few sentences about it from the lesson.1. The Brahmaputra.Ans. The Brahmaputra is a great river. It is more than 7-8 kilometers wide. It has many sandbars and even an island known as Majuli island. Water of the Brahmaputra often floods Majuli and the sandbars. At times the river even sweeps away some of the sandbars. Children now find the names and location of different trees in your surroundings. Write one or two lines about each of them. 1.Mango tree:- It is a big tree. It has many green leaves on it. It gives sweet mangoes in summer season- birds build their nests on them. 2.Coconut tree:- It is a very big tree with few branches. There are bunches of coconut on them. I like to drink coconut water.