The Golden Touch

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to read an interesting story named ‘The Golden Touch’. The story has many characters like king Midas, Marygold, A stranger and A servant. This story is about a greedy king who had lots of gold with him but he still wanted more and more. One day he was sitting in his gold chamber admiring his gold when he saw a stranger in the room. He was surprised to see the stranger inside as the door was locked. The stranger told him that no doors can keep him out. Yes the stranger was an angel. He said to the king that he already had piles of gold then why he longed for more? The king said that, he wanted to be richer. He has taken many years to get all these gold but now he wanted to get more quickly. When the stranger asked the king why he loved gold so much, he said that everyone loves gold. It makes you rich, and he also said that he likes to sit in the dark cellar and look at his gold.