The Golden Touch

Explain Story Part 1


The king come near Marygold and offered her a beautiful rose. It was a golden rose and marigold got hurt. She started crying. The king told her that every rose in the garden has changed into gold. The princess is upset as she liked the natural roses, their smell and softness. When they both sat to have breakfast whatever the king touched changed into gold. He was unable to eat anything. The princess asked the king what was the matter. He told her that whatever he touched turned into gold. So he was not able to eat anything. The princess felt very bad for her dad and wanted to help him. But as the king touched her she also turned into a golden statue. The king was very upset because his daughter who was full of life, like a ray of sunshine had now transformed into a golden doll. He regreted and became the unhappiest man in the world. The moral of the story is never be greedy and try to be satisfied with what you have.