The Golden Touch

Activity of answer Question


So Children let me see how much you understood the lesson. Shall I ask you some questions? 1) How many characters are there in the lesson? Who are they? 2) Who was the stranger? 3) What did the king loved to do the most? 4) what was the king’s wish? 5) Was his wish fulfilled? 6) What did the king get for Marygold from the garden? 7) Was Marygold happy to get the rose? Why? 8) Describe the qualities of Marygold according to the king? 9) Did the king realize his mistake in the end? Well done children. This shows that you have understood the lesson very well. Coming to our next activity. Try to find all the action words from the lesson. Amazing ! all the answers were correct. This shows how attentive you are in the English class. Keep it up children and Good bye.