Our Solar System

Explanation of Earth


Hello my dears, how are you? Guess who I am? Yes. I am the Earth. People also respect me as their mother. I am not a star. Actually I am a planet. I am the third planet from sun, in solar system. Today, I am the only planet who is having living world. I am the only home of plants, animals and human beings. Some people also call me ‘blue planet’. Do you know why? If you look at me from space, I appear blue in color. That is why some people call me: the blue planet. Much of my surface is covered with water, so it looks blue. I spin around myself all the time, because of this day & night take place. This is called rotation, it takes 24 hours to complete one round. At the same time, I go round the sun. This is called revolution. To complete one revolution I take one year. There is an envelope of air around me. Therefore, air, water & light are available on earth. Therefore I am having living world.Hello, people on earth ! I am your closest neighbour. From the earth, you always see only one side of me. I go round and round the earth. You always see only one side of me. You never see the other side or the other half of me. People on earth love me. Some people consider me as ‘Chanda Mama’ brother of Mother Earth. People write stories & poems about me. In this way today we met the sun who is the source of light. Our mother Earth who fulfills our needs & Moon who is a satellite of the earth.