Our Solar System



Students I will give you some characters. You have to speak 3-4 lines about them. You have to assume that you are that character and speak about yourself. 1. River - I am the one from whom you get water. Himalaya is my father because I arise from it. I supply water for farming and drinking. Did you guess who am I ? Yes, I am a river. My name is Ganga. 2. The Wind - I am the wind. I bring the rain clouds from the seas to the land. You get rains because of me. I help you to dry your clothes. Sometimes I can cause storms. 3. A Cuckoo - you have listened my voice. My pleasant voice introduces me, I am a Cuckoo bird. Though I am not pretty, I have a good voice. People always appreciate me because of my singing. In the month of May I sing all day. In the month of June I change my tune.