A Book speaks

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to meet a book & we will see what the book is trying say to us through this wonderful poem. I am the one who is always with you. You get information from me. You carry me in school, college and along with you. You can see me in library, shops and homes. I am most important in education. Guess who am I? When you drop me on the floor.I get stepped on – my sides are sore:;Torn – out pages make me groan; I feel dizzy if I am thrown; Every mark and every stain On my covers give me pain;Please don’t bend me, If you do I don’t want to talk to you; But we will both be friends together,If you protect me from the weather.And keep me clean so that I look A tidy, ,neat and happy book. So students tell me what happens when you drop a book on the floor?