The Duck And The Kangaroo

Explain poem part2


Let’s continue our poem.(poem part 2 ) The Fifth stanza is:Said the Duck, As I sat on the rocks I have thought over that completely And I bought four pairs of worsted socks Which fit my web feet neatly.Here the duck has come out with a solution. He says that he has thought and decided that he can wear worsted socks which he has bought. They fit his web feet neatly. This way the Kangaroo will be safe from getting infected from the disease and he can take the duck for a ride.Now children list all the rhyming words from this poem.Ans.:- Kangaroo- too, hop-stop, pond- beyond, duck- luck, reflection- objection, bold-cold, roo- Kangaroo, rocks- socks, Completely- neatly, ready- steady, pale- tail, bound- round.Now put the following events in the order in which they took place. 1. The Duck told the Kangaroo about his wish 2. The Duck was bored. 3. The Duck lived in a pond. 4. The Kangaroo agreed to take the Duck with him. 5. The Kangaroo thought about it. 6. The Duck decided to talk to the Kangaroo. 7. The Duck and the Kangaroo travelled round the world three times. 8. The Duck bought four pairs of socks.