The Duck And The Kangaroo

Activity proper pronunciation


Children today we are going to learn the pronunciation of words with long and short vowels.1. Fit – feet. 2. Bit – beat. 3. Hit – heat. 4. Sit – seat. 5. Pick – peak. 6. chick – cheek. 7. Tick – teak. 8. Lick – leak. 9. Pen – pain.Now try to find some more words with long and short vowels.See – sea, Knit – neat, steal – still, not – knot, rode – road, break – brake.Children have you noticed? The meaning of the word changes with the spelling. So you should pronounce them correctly.I will give you some sentences. Try to change the highlighted words, according to your imagination.1. How you hop!Students:- How you dance!How you sing!How you read!How you jump!Teacher:- As if you would never stop!