The Man who never lied

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to learn a folk story from Africa. Do you know what is a folk story? Folk story is a story that passes on from generation to generation orally.The main character in the story is called Mamad. Mamad was a common man. But there was one special thing about him. He never told a lie. It was not simple to do, but Mamad was wise. So he always kept his eyes open and chose his words carefully. That’s why he became famous as the man who never lied, all people knew him for it. When king of the country came to know about it, he did not believe it. So he called Mamad and asked him whether he had never told a lie in the past. When Mamad said yes, he asked would he never speak a lie in future. Mamad said yes. So then king decided to test him.