The Man who never lied



tell me whether the following sentences are true or false according to your imagination.1. Mamad was famous as the man who lied - false.2. The king did not believe that Mamad never lied. - true.3. King told Mamad to be careful. - true.4. Mamad saw the king riding on horse. - false.5. Mamad did not give the king’s message to the queen. - true.6. Mamad told a lie to the queen. - false.7. The king agreed that Mamad was a wise man. - true.8. This is an Indian folk story. - false.9. The queen made feast for the king. - false.10. The queen just waited for the king. - true.Children you have given correct answers. Now try to find the opposites of the given words from the lesson. • Truth x falsehood.• Foolish x wise.• Always x never.• Past x future.• Tomorrow x yesterday.• More x less.• Close x open.• Before x after.• Careless x careful.Well done!