The Nightingale and the Noble man

Introduction and Explanation story part 1


Today we are going to read a lesson named “the Nightingale and the Noble man”. Students:- Ma’am who is a nightingale? A nightingale is a small bird known for its beautiful song and a noble man is a person with a high rank like a lord.A nobleman in a faraway land once caught a nightingale and put him in a cage. The nightingale began to plead because no bird likes to be shut up in a cage. Can anyone guess the meaning of plead? To plead means to request or appeal. The nightingale pleaded with the nobleman that if he set the bird free and let him go, he will tell him the secret of happiness. The nobleman was rich but not happy. He wanted to know the secret of happiness. So he let the bird go. After coming out of the cage the bird told the nobleman two things: first ‘never cry over spilt milk’ and never ‘trust idle words’. Children can you try to find such proverbs in your mother tongue? 1. छत्तीसचा आकडा. 2. दुष्काळात तेरावा महिना. 3. एका हाताने टाळी वाजत नाही. 4. कामापुरता मामा.