The Nightingale and the Noble man

Explanation story part 2


When the nightingale gave advice to the nobleman he was not quite happy as he thought that those words were just a silly piece of advice. The nightingale told the nobleman that he was fool to let him go as he had rare diamonds under his wings and he will not get any of them. After listening to this the nobleman was really very angry and very unhappy. He thought how stupid he was to let the bird go and started wailing and running after the bird to catch him. After escaping from the nobleman’s hand the bird trie to explain, how those words were really true. He said I am humble that you let me go. Don’t feel bad since now I am out of your reach and it is not possible for you to catch me. So as I told you, you should not cry over spilt milk. You should not regret that you have lost me. Secondly, I am an ordinary bird, how can I have diamonds under my wings? Those were just idle words. It’s a mistake to trust such words. He told the nobleman that he should use his bits of advice and be happy. He said farewell and flew away.