The Nightingale and the Noble man



In the next activity I will give you some sentences. You can make changes as per your imaginations in the highlighted words from the sentences.1. If you let me go, I will tell you the secret of happiness.Students:- if you let me go. I will tell you where I kept your book.2. If you let me go, I will tell you the secret of scoring good marks.Students:- if you let me go, I will bring sweets for you tomorrow.Children now tell me what bit of advice do you often get from your family and friends. Tell me in your mother tongue and also try to translate it in English. Students:- मला नेहमी माझ्या घरच्या लोकांकडून ऐकायला मिळते की अभ्यासात लक्ष दे. जर आज अभ्यास वेळेवर नाही केला तर आयुष्यात काही करू शकणार नाहीस. चांगली नोकरी भेटणार नाही आणि मग कुठलेही छोटे- मोठे काम करायला लागेल.. English translation:- My family always tells me to study hard, because if I neglect my studies it will be harmful for my future. I will not get good job and theen I will have to choose odd jobs and survive.