It ‘s a small world

Introduction and Explanation


Are you ready for the first poem of this year? This poem is about the world as it suggest in the name itself “It ‘s a small world” It‘s a world of laughter, A world of tears. It’s a world of hopes, And a world of fears. In the above lines the poet tries to tell us that when we are happy or anyone in the world is happy he /she laughs and smiles to express their happiness. When someone is sad they feel like crying and shedding tears. These feelings are expressed in the same way by everyone in the world, no matter where they live. The poet also tells that the world is full of hope for better than what we already have. This is also related with every human being in the world and when it comes to fear, it is again the same. We human being always fear of losing something . A child in our country has a fear of unknown or dark same as the child in any other country of the world. So the poet says that the world is a small place because every where the feelings are same.