It ‘s a small world

Explain next half of the poem


Now we are coming to the next half of the poem. The poet says :There is just one moon And one golden sun.And a smile means Friendship to every one Though the mountains divide And the oceans are wide It ‘s a small word after all Students:- Madam I Know What the poet wants to say. He says that there is only one moon in the sky and one sun all over the world. Everywhere smile means you are ready to make friendship. That is universal. Yes, Very well said ! By emphasizing on one moon and one sun the poet tries to say that one sun brightens the whole world. In the some way there is only one moon which shines beautifully at night. These gifts of God are visible everywhere in the world with its same grace and beauty. He also says that meaning of smile is welcoming friendship and it is same in every part of the word. Everywhere smile is welcomed with friendship.