It ‘s a small world

Activity of conversations


So children let’s start with the next activity. I will show you some sentences on the screen. You have to form conversations using them. First one is : Conversation between two friends on the first day of school. Myself – hi Friends - Hello Myself – How are you ? Friend – I am fine Myself – It ‘s nice to be back in school Friends - Yes ,I am also excited Conversation between an old and a new friend: Students:- Myself:- hi New students :-Hello Myself:- My name is Priya New students:- I am new here , my name is Jyoti.Myself:-Come, I will introduce you to my friends. Meet my friends Geeta and sujata.Jyoti- Hi ,I am jyoti Conversation between teacher and student. students :- Teacher :I Am so glad to see you all Students – Madam , so nice to see you again Teacher:- This year, I will be your classteacher. Students:- Welcome maam ! We are so happy. Teacher:- Very Good , Hope you all enjoyed this session of the English class.