Warm up with Tara and Friends

Introduction teacher


Today we are going to read a lesson: ““Warm up with Tara and Friends “. Do you remember we have done a lesson “Tara and friends” in your previous class? Students:- Yes ma’am we remember about “Tara and her Friends .”Teacher :- Can anyone tell the names of Tara’s friends? Students:- Ma’am I remember. Tara’s friends’ names. They are: Bittu, Paddy and kuku. Teacher :- Exactly! they are Tara‘s friends. And can you tell me who are TOTO, Mithu and Mia Students:- Ma’am I remember TOTO is Paddy’s dog, Mithu is Bittu‘s Parrot and Mia is kuku’s cat Teacher:- well said! Let’s start with the lesson.Tara is excited about starting studies again after the vacation. She is telling her friends and expressing her excitement but at the same time Bittu is not so excited. He is sad as holidays are over and what do you think kuku must be feeling?Students:- Madam kuku is also excited as she likes to play on the school playground. Teacher:- Good! And why is paddy excited ?Students:- Paddy is excited to meet all his friends.