Warm up with Tara and Friends

Explain next half of the poem


Students, let’s start with our next activity .I will show you some words on the screen form a group and try to read those words as fast as possible. Students:- 1) the ,a, it, he, this 2) be, in, for, as, but 3) to, that, not , you , his 4) of ,have ,on ,do , by 5) and, I, with, at ,from Teacher: well done! let’s see the next table Students:- 6) they, an, would, up ,which 7) we ,will ,there, out , me 8) hear ,my, their ,if, when 9) she, one, what, about ,can 10) or, all ,so ,who ,no Teacher: Good! Now I will show you the third table Students 11) say, take , use ,time, way 12) get ,see, work, people ,new 13) make ,look, want ,year, day 14) like ,come ,give, good , two, 15) know ,think, go ,well, first.