Warm up with Tara and Friends



now coming to our next activity. Let’s try to write as many words as possible with 3 letters , 4 letters , 5 letters ,6 letters, 7 letters and 8 letters. Form groups and come up with your words after some time.Students:- Ma’am, my group and I have prepared list of all 3 letter words . Shall I read them ? Teacher :-Yes, of course! Students : The ,for ,but ,not ,you ,his, ten ,man, run, tap, put, sad , dad, dam , gun, get, hen, hit, had, big ,bin, car, can, cut, fan ,fun, net, nil, pin, pen , red, sun, tag , van. etc.Teacher: Very Good! Who will try to preset the list of 4 letter words? Students:- Ma’am, my group and I have prepared the list. I will read it : band ,bull ,clap , drum, fish , goat, hand ,jump, kite, lion, made, nose, neck, open, oval, pram, race, sand, soup, rose, tree, wand, yawn, zero Teacher:-Well done ! now who will come with the list of five letter words? Students:- Ma’am we have prepared it. I will read for my group : apple, bread, crown, doctor, frown , great , horse , yummy, small, world, share, after , smile , aware , ocean, plant, water, light, money.Teacher: Good workwork, now it’s time to come up with 6 letter words.Students:- Teacher May I? Teacher : yes please!