Warm up with Tara and Friends

Activity of conversations


So students let’s come to another activity. I will give you one situation and you have to enact the scene. Let’s start with the first scene. Asking a friend with his postal address.Student 1:- Ma’am I will try for this one.Hi, shaurya. How are you? Meeting after long time. I heard you shifted somewhere else. Please give me your address. So that I can invite you on my birthday party.Student 2 (shaurya) – why not ? please write my address .Teacher: Good ! Now next situation will be asking a friend for his telephone number .Student 1:- hi Amit , where were you for last 15 days? I was calling you but it seems you have changed your number. I wanted to tell you about our football tournament. So that you can also come for the match. No problem give me your latest contact number, so that I can ring you up once I get the final data of the match.Student 2 ( Amit ): Sure ! take my number .Teacher: Very Good ! Coming to the next situation talking to friend only in exclamations, while you are walking around in a garden .Student 1:- Wow! See how beautiful roses are!. Student 2 : Really! They are too beautiful ! Student 2 Let me touch ! Student 2 :No you can’t !