Warm up with Tara and Friends



Students, now it’s time for the next activity. This one is really interesting. You all will love it. I will give you some sentences. There are some mistakes in those sentences. You have to correct them. Let’s start :1) I is a parrot. Students:- I am a parrot. 2) You is busy. Students:- You are busy. 3) He are not happy. Students: He is not happy.4 ) You doesn’t study hard. Students:- You don’t Study hard. 5) I does my work on time. Students:- I do my work on time. 6) She don’t like to eat mango. Students:- she doesn’t like to eat mango. 7) My teacher are very nice. Students:- My teacher is very nice. 8) I doesn’t play football. Students:- I don’t’ play football.9) He do come late. Students:- He does come late. 10) I like milks. Students:- I like milk.11) I like play ball. Students: - I like to play with ball.12) They red apple eat. Student:- They eat red apple.13) I has two Pencils. Students:- I have two pencils.14) He have many friend. Students: He has many friends.15) I likes mangoes. Students :- I like mangoes.16 It is a apple. Students:-It is an apple.17) This is an Mango basket. Students:-This is a mango basket.Students hope you found this activity interesting. Let’s start with the next activity. I will show you some incomplete questions. You have to complete them with new ideas.