Little Girls wiser than old people

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to read a beautiful story from your English book. So, students are you ready? The name of our story is “Little girls wiser than old people”.Leo Tolstoy or count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy was one of the greatest authors. He wrote many novels, stories and philosophical works. This story is a beautiful story from his short stories collection. His stories are basically based on non- violence. This story also gives message for grownups.Students before starting this lesson we will play one game.First we will form groups. Each group will contain 4-6 members. Now you have to write any 5 reasons of why fights occur. Example:- Two children want the same toy.Now group 1 will read their list of reasons. Other groups will listen it carefully and mark common items and note down the new ones. Repeat the same process with all groups. Do you know what is trivial and what is serious? Anyone?