Little Girls wiser than old people

Story: part 1


Part 1 Teacher : Students, let’s start our story. There was a village. In the yard lay snow and rills ran down the village. A large puddle had run down from a manure pile in a lane between two forms. In that village two girls were living. They were good friends. One is Malasha and another one is Akulka. Malasha is little bit elder than Akulka.It was an early Easter. Both girls had been dressed by their mothers in new clothes. Akulka, had a blue dress and Malasha had a yellow dress with design. Both had their heads wrapped in red kerchiefs.They had gone to church for Easter prayers. After this the two girls went to the puddle and showed their new garments to each other. Both girls wanted to plash in water. Malasha started to go into the puddle with her shoes on. Akulka told Malasha not to go in the puddle with her shoes on. She removed her shoes and asked Malasha to do the same.