Little Girls wiser than old people

Activity with questions answer


Now I am going to ask you some questions. You should answer them. Q.1. Which festival was being celebrated in this story?Ans.:- Easter.Q.2. Why did Akulka want to strike Malasha?Kedar:- Malasha plumped her foot into the water and Akulka’s dress and her body got dirty due to puddle water. So Akulka wanted to strike Malasha. Q.3. Why did Malasha run home?Meena:- Akulka got angry on Malasha as her dress got dirty. Hence Akulka scolded Malasha and wanted to strike her. So Malasha ran home.Q.4 Now students tell me did the girls forget their quarrel?All students:- Yes.Q.5 Tell me why did the men who were fighting feel ashamed after sometime? Raju:- These men saw Akulka and Malasha playing together. These small girls had forgotten their quarrel immediately and had become friends again. The old lady gave their example to the men and told them that they where wiser. So the men felt ashamed. Q. 6. What was the old woman trying to do at first? Priya:- Old woman was trying to control the situation. She was separating the men who were fighting. Very good Students you gave correct answers !