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Explain about Noun


Students we have seen earlier that “noun” is a word that is used to name a person, an animal, a place, an idea etc. Today we are going to learn types of noun. nouns get classified into two types.1. Common noun and 2. Proper noun.Proper nouns : The names given to particular persons, animals, places etc. are known as proper nouns. eg. Akulka , Malasha, Anand, sangeeta, Patna, Tajmahal etc.Common nouns: The nouns which are not proper noun are the common nouns. eg. Girl, boy, city, mountain, table, river, Book, building, ruler, etc.Students, always remember that proper nouns start with a capital letter. Now tell me five more common and proper nouns.So now you choose some common nouns and tell me proper nouns for that category.Birds – sparrow, egle, owl, crow, pigon, peocock, hen.1. Vegetables - Stu: Brinjail, potato, capsicum, carrot, raddish. 2. Body parts:- Stu: Hand, leg, fingers, head, nose, eyes etc. 3. Musical instruments:- Stu: Sitar, tabla, gitar, flute, piano, Very good student ! I hope you enjoyed this lesson.