Journey to the west



now tell me any five features of Sun Wukong’s character that you like best. 1. Sun Wukong’s can walk through fire. 2. Sun Wukong’s body is hard as diamond. 3. Sun Wukong can travel under water. 4. Sun Wukong can fly from any place. 5. Sun Wukong’s eyes have x-ray vision Now see the following sentences: As big as a pillar As tiny as a needle Now you make some more phrases by using your imagination and complete the following sentences for example.As big as sky. As big as a mountain.As tiny as an ant. As tiny as a point.Now observe these words. Unfamiliar and unbelievable, and tell me the meaning of each. Unfamiliar means: something which is not familiar or known to you. Unbelievable means : very difficult to believe or something which cannot be believed.