Journey to the west

Story part 1


Story part 1: Students, now we will proceed to our lesson named “Journey to the west”. Let us see how was the journey. In those days when the world was not much developed like today, travelling from one country to another country was not easy. So travelling from china to India was also not an easy task. One had to travel thousands of miles on foot or horseback, crossing deserts, crossing snow-clad mountains, strange and unfamiliar regions using roads where bandits and robbers roamed. That means it was too difficult or you can say rather impossible to travel safely. Who would take such efforts? The person whose name was Yuan Chwang did. He had a dream. He wanted to take Buddhist scriptures from India to his own country, that is china. It was like a pilgrimage to him. Pilgrimage means travelling for religious reasons. One day Yuan Chwang started his journey For 17 long years he kept on walking, travelling, suffering many hardships on the way.