Journey to the west

Story part 2


Story part 2: This novel tells us that three special characters Monkey king or Sun Wukong, Zu Bajji or Pigsy and Sha Wujing or sand priest, saved Yuan Chwang from demons and evil powers. Actually these three people were no saints. They all had supernatural powers but they were known as ‘trouble makers’. So the god had thrown them out of heaven to the earth. However the kind deity Guanyin had offered them a last chance. She told them to use their supernatural powers and to help the holy monk in his pilgrimage to India. Evil powers and demons kill or gobble up holy monks. Hence these three characters have agreed to help Yuan chwang in his difficult journey, as they wanted to return to the heaven.They have many thrilling, exciting and sometimes humorous adventures on the way to the holy land- India! Out of these three people, Sun Wukong or Monkey king was most powerful person. He was extraordinary person.Sun Wukong was born when winds blew over a huge stone egg on the Flower Fruit mountain. He was able to transform himself in 72 different ways. He could convert his each strand of hair into living and non-living things. His cudgel or stick can grow as big as a pillar supporting the sky. Sometimes it become as tiny as a needle. He can travel thousands of kilometers in just one somersault. Not only these but also he can walk through fire, travel under water and can fly from one place to another. His body was as hard as a diamond. Hence no one or nothing can injure him. His eyes also had x-ray vision.