Journey to the west



let’s study some important words from this lesson.• Horseback – Sitting on a horse • Snow – clad : covered with snow.• Pilgrimage – a journey for a religious purpose• Demons – evil spirits• Vanquish – conquer, defeat• Cudgel – a short heavy stick• At will – whenever one wants• X-ray vision – the ability to see through something • Trickster – one who plays tricks.Now tell me all the persons and characters mentioned in this story. Tell me which of them are real and which are imaginary? Kedar you tell me the names of persons. Real person is Yuan chwang,. Imaginary persons are:- demons, Guanyin deity, monkey king, Sun Wakong, Zu Bajji or Pigsy and desert monk sha Wujing. it menace now you have understood the difference between real and imaginary characters.