Children are going to school

Poem part II


So students Let’s start with the second part of the poem. At the corner of the lane,The peepal in his lush deep foliage Waves his hands.For children are going to school.The poet says that in the corner of the lane there is a Peepal tree which is fully covered with green leaves. It is waving its hands for children are going to school.what is the meaning of foliage? Foliage means greenery of leafy cover. Then come the next lines Angels of light have set out….. Every road is a-gleam.At this hour, Every particle of the earth throbs like a mother’s heart.Time, sitting on an old roof,flies pigeons in the sky.For children are going to school.Here, the poet says that everywhere there is brightness as angels of light have come out on the roads, making the roads bright and every particle of the earth throbbing is like a mother’s heart. Time is sitting on an old roof and pigeons are flying in the sky. All these actions are done when children are going to school.