Children are going to school



Students can anyone tell, why all these words are written with capital letters at the beginning? They are written starting with capital letters to show their importance as all these possess human qualities. We write proper nouns starting with a capital letter. Here, the sun, Peepal tree are treated as person. So their names are written in this manner. Teacher:- Good answer. Can anyone explain what does time do? And what do we understand from his action? Students:- Time is sitting on an old roof. He is flying pigeons in the sky. From his action we guess that time is resting and passing slowly. Letting the pigeons fly in the sky suggest that he intends peace. Teacher:- The whole world is happy because children are going to school, why is it so?Students:- The world is happy because children are leading toward progress. If they will go to school they will learn many important values and they can make the world a better place to live. They will learn to respect every part of nature and they will take care of nature when they will learn its importance in school.