Children are going to school

Activity of game


students Let’s play one more game. I will give you one word, you have to suggest words with the ending letter of that particular word for example time-engine-ears-song-goal.Let’s start with the first word ‘Light’Students:- Light- ten- nose- eyes- smile.Teacher:- earth. Students:- Earth- house- elephant- tree.Teacher:- Turban. Students:- Turban- nail- lion- napkin.Teacher:- Sleepy. Students:- Sleepy- yark- kangaroo- orange.Teacher:- Pigeons. Students:- Pigeons - snail- leopard- duck- kite.Teacher:- Children Students:- Children-name-engine-eggs-student.Teacher:- Morning Student:- Morning-good-day-yellow-window.Teacher:- Light Students:-Light-time-eyes-song-grow.Teacher:- Very good. In this poem we have seen use of our sensory organs. Students:- Ma’am we see many things while we are on the way to school. For example:1) Some newspaper vendors are distributing newspapers.2) Many people are rushing to catch bus, auto, train, taxi to reach office.3) Some people visit holy places to offer prayers.4) Milkman delivering milk.5) Sweepers sweeping the roads.6) People opening their shops. Teacher:- Well done ! Hope you enjoyed the poem.