In a class of their own

Introduction and Explanation


Today’s topic is very interesting, it’s a motivating story about a class who changes itself for a better future. It happens only because of the positive attitude of their class teacher. It helped the class to transform itself from the worst class into a good class. Let’s start with part I of the lesson. This class compiles of sixty boys and girls and they are all friends. They know that there are camps amongst them. It means there are many groups who think alike. The students do quarrel, argue as well as fight but when it comes to facing others, even the teachers, they all unite and present themselves as one. Here, the author also describes some of the punishments. Students usually get-such as to make three rounds of the school ground or copy a hundred lines from the book etc. The whole year the students of this class get these punishments. They were used to teachers shouting for poor marks, shabby work, incomplete homework, not attending school regularly etc. But they all liked the class the way it was. In fact they were all proud of their class. And there comes there new class teacher Mrs. Desai. She knew about the class but she was proud to be their class teacher. She liked the unity shown by the class and was happy that they had maintained the quality of unity in them. She always addressed the students as ‘girls’, ‘boys’, ‘my dear’, ‘young man’ or ‘young lady’ etc. This was very impressive and different for the students of the class. All these qualities of their teacher made her the best teacher. Now children tell me why did the teachers punish the students?