In a class of their own

Explain the remaining part


So student’s, let’s start with the remaining part of the lesson. Soon it was time for the first unit test. After the test the whole class got ready to receive their usual share of scolding and punishments. They were thinking that Mrs. Desai will be angry with the class, but she was rather quiet. She smiled as usual but her eyes didn’t look happy. The report cards were given, many of them failed in one or the other subject. Some had not appeared for the test. Few of them got good marks and very few had done well in all subjects. Suddenly her eyes were filled with tears but she just blinked them away and turned to the blackboard. The class was worrying about what their class teacher is thinking about their class. But after asking her she said that she still was proud of the class. The students knew that their class teacher was upset with them. They liked their teacher very much and they did not want to upset her. So they decided to wait and talk after school, about what can be done to improve the performance of the class and make their teacher proud and happy again. So children do you think this class was unique?