In a class of their own

Activities from part I.


Students let’s do some activities from part I. I will ask you some questions. Say whether the statements are right or wrong and give correct answers for the wrong ones. 1. There are both boys and girls in this class.Ans. Right.2. They never quarrel.Ans. Wrong. Sometimes they do quarrel.3. Their teachers never shout at them. Ans. Wrong, their teachers sometimes shouted at them.4. There was no unity among the students in the class.Ans. Wrong, there was unity among the students in the class.5. Sushmita spoke to the teacher in a low, soft voice.Ans. Right.6. Asmita is telling us their story.Ans. Wrong, Snehal is telling us their story.7. They waited after school and talked. (extra)Ans. Right.8. All of them passed in the class. (extra)Ans. Wrong- many failed and many missed the test