In a class of their own

Collective noun


Tell me what is a collective noun? Some nouns stand for groups of things or people. Such nouns are called collective nouns. Give some examples eg. Class, people, a herd of cattle, a flock of birds, a team of players, a set of cards, lists of names. Very good. Collective nouns also have singular and plural forms. for example- class- classes, herd- herds, flock- flocks. Come let’s try to find some more collective nouns. eg. A bunch of grapes, A bunch of keys, A pile of books, A bouquet of flowers. Let’s do an opinion poll. We will give our opinions on some important topics. Our first topic will be ‘what makes a good friend. I will give you some options to poll: whether you agree, not agree or are not sure. We will judge our answers according to the no. of votes we get for that option. So we come to the conclusion that - A good teacher should be friendly, humorous, challenging as well as understanding. So children this is how we can make decisions when the topic is complicated or of great importance. So children with this we have come to end of first part of our lesson. Let’s start with the second part.