In a class of their own

Part- II


As we have read in the first part of the lesson, the students of Mrs. Desai’s class were not happy because of their poor results. Their class teacher became sad and they started making plans to improve their performance. After discussion the whole class decided that those who have got good marks should help others in their studies. It was decided that some of the students will work as ‘Searchlights’. They will visit others at their house, talk to them every day to see that they study. In case anyone had difficulty there will be ‘study guards’ as well for every subject. And so POA means plan of Action was in motion. They wanted to keep everything a secret. But Mrs. Desai spotted the change and when asked the students informed her about their plan of Action. She was very impressed and happy and the students felt that they were on cloud nine. Every one began to try honestly and they were eager to take second test and get the results. It means they felt very happy as achievers. Now it was time to declare the results. Mrs. Desai walked in with the report cards. She congratulated each one of them. Many of them did well, but there were still some who got poor marks and some had even failed. Naina who had got a red mark in her card started sobbing. But Mrs. Desai hugged her and told her that last time she had got only two marks out of fifty in science and this time sixteen. That was quite a leap and if she keeps on working hard in the same manner, one day she will achieve her goal and in the end Mrs. Desai told that she was proud of the whole class.