In a class of their own

Explain about the quality


They developed the qualities of taking care of their weak classmates, managing to help then in their studies, keep a record of whether they study at home and talk everyday to see that they study.Correct answer. Now I will give you some situations. Form dialogues for them. First situation is : A dialogue between two friends about their studies.Students 1- Hi, how are your studies going? Students 2- Very well, except Maths.Students 1- Why is Maths difficult for you?Students 2- Not really, but sometimes some expressions are really very difficult.Students 1- That’s true. But if you practice on daily basis you will be comfortable with them.Students 2- Yes, My teacher also gives the same advice.Teacher:- A dialogue between a weak and an intelligent student. Students:- Priya:- Hi, Mitali, I want your help.Mitali:- Yes, of course! Tell me what help do you need?Priya:- Actually I am finding it difficult to memorize science answers.Mitali:- Ya that’s true! they are really very lengthy.Priya:- I want you to explain me those answers so that it will help me to remember them Mitali:- Sure I will, come to my house in the evening I will explain you.Priya:- Thanks a lot! Well done children !