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Explain common nouns


Students now let’s revise some more common nouns. Common nouns can be classified in one or more ways. Concrete nouns and abstract nouns. Concrete nouns stand for things that you can actually touch or see. for example school, home, cards, butterflies, child, can you give some more examples? Eg. Plant, trees, books, grains, animals, clothes, pen, pencils, bench, chair, table, blackboard. Very good. Let’s learn about abstract nouns. Abstract nouns stand for ideas, qualities, feelings, actions, etc. for example life, time, unity, progress, happiness, childhood, etc. Teacher can I list some regular plurals.Bird – birds butterfly – butterflies Cat – cats flower – flowers fish - fishes Tree - trees monkey – monkeys School – schools copy – copies wish - wishes River – rivers country – countries Paper – papers fairy – fairies box – boxes.Teacher I will tell for irregular plurals.Leaf – leaves person – people Tooth – teeth goose – geese louse – lice elf – elves ox – oxen Loaf – loaves wolf – wolves knife – knives Shelf – shelves wife – wives Well done students. Hope you enjoyed this lesson.