Two fables

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to read an interesting lesson ‘Two Fables’.Teacher:- What is the meaning of Fables? Students:- A kind of story. Teacher:- Very good.A Fable is a very short story, usually with animal characters or even inanimate things that speak. It always ends with a message or a moral. It tells you about the ways of the world and how one should behave in a society.These two Fables come from Aesop. the famous Greek story teller. His stories were told and retold in many countries. Here, the story of the town mouse and country mouse is retold in the English style.Teacher:- Tell me do you like to read stories? Students:- yes, teacher.Teacher:- OK Tell me any five stories that you like the most! Students:- Akbar - Birbal, Panchtantra stories, Tenaliram’s, Shekh chilly, vikram and vetal and shamachi aai etc. Teacher:- Very good! Students, there are a numbers of story types, like Folk tale, Parable, Horror story, Fairy tale, Detective story, Mythology, Realistic, Anecdote, Childhood stories, Political, Comedy, Satire, Inspiring, Comics, Fables, Science fiction, Fantacy, Historical, Adventure, Wit and Humour, Romantic, School stories, Social, Story with a twist, Tragedy and Moral stories. So you should try to find out under which type your favorite stories come. Teacher:- Okay! Now let’s start with the first fable “The two friends and the bear”